Neighbors in shock after Pelion murder-suicide

Brian Christopher Tindall (Source: LCSD)
Brian Christopher Tindall (Source: LCSD)
Victoria Williamson Tindall (Source: LCSD)
Victoria Williamson Tindall (Source: LCSD)

PELION, SC (WIS) - A Pelion couple was found dead in their home Wednesday morning after Lexington County deputies say the man shot and killed his estranged wife before turning the gun on himself.

Deputies found the body of Brian Christopher Tindall, 33, lying face down around 8:10am at a doorway near the kitchen in the couple's home on Track Road near Pelion. The body of Victoria Williamson Tindall, 28, was found on the kitchen floor. Lexington County Sheriff James R. Metts said a 12-gauge shotgun was found near Brian Tindall's body.

"They had been experiencing some marital problems," said Allard. "What they were exactly, we're in the process of trying to determine."  

Brian moved out three weeks ago, but returned Tuesday and stayed the night. He and Victoria took four of their five children to school and returned home, and that's when Brian murdered his wife. Their three-year-old, found in the next room eating cereal, didn't witness the deaths.

According to Metts, Brian Tindall's mother told deputies around 8:00am Wednesday that her son called her and told her he had killed his estranged wife, and was going to use the shotgun to kill himself. Brian Tindall asked his mother to come to the Track Road home in order to take custody of the couple's youngest child, a 3-year-old girl.

Neighbors have nothing but questions. "Pretty nice family, I don't know what got into them," said Richard Green. "No idea."

"I would say there's a lot of shock in the community," said Allard. "There's a tremendous amount of empathy for the couple's five children whose ages are 3 to 11."

The couple's four other children are now with relatives. "The children are being taken care of very well at this time," said Ray Kirkland. "Everything in their best interest is being done and they are well taken care of."

"A lot of people want to know why it happened," said Allard. "We would like to be able to determine that but it's going to take some time to piece together the chain of events that lead to this very unfortunate incident."

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