Midlands feet set free to help kids without shoes

By Stephen Hooker - email

WEST COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Glenforest Basketball Coach William Knopf left his shoes behind and went for a walk Friday.

It was a chance to relive his childhood, barefoot once again. But in this case, there was no soft grass, no sprinkler and certainly not a warm summer day. Nonetheless, it didn't stop Police Chief Scott, Congressman Wilson, students and others from walking with Knopf. "Well, there's going to be some rough sidewalks, tore up sidewalks, and then there's going to be some manhole covers along the way with some of the construction going on," said Knopf.

WIS News 10's Meteorologist John Farley even gave it a shot too. "You know you really feel everything without shoes on," said Farley, "I can tell you that. It makes you think."

Why would the coach and others be doing this? It's for shoes, for millions of kids worldwide going barefoot. "Last year when I got to the end of the destination after eight miles, my feet were blood blistered all over the bottoms," said Knopf.

It's the coach's third time walking barefoot to collect shoes. He made the eight mile trek back to Glenforest school just in time to coach his team through Friday night's game.

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