SC DUI arrests increase, DUI-related deaths down

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS0 - Eight law enforcement agencies have new vehicles to fight DUI's.

They were awarded during Friday's Law Enforcement DUI Challenge ceremony at Seawell's in Columbia. Federal agencies gave the money to pay for the vehicles.

The event concluded with a nine-month "DUI challenge" to get drunk drivers off South Carolina's roads, and it worked. For the third year in a row, dui related fatalities were down. In fact, deaths dropped below 800. It's the lowest number recorded since 1982. "We've got sheriff's departments here," said Mark Keele of the SC Department of Public Safety, "We've got city and municipal police department here. We've got state law enforcement agencies here, all working in collaboration toward one goal, and that is to make our highways safer."

There were 24,000 DUI arrests during the latest campaign. That's a 12% increase from the year before.

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