AL student writes song to ask Taylor Swift to prom

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - She's the reason for the tear drops on his guitar. She is Taylor Swift and he is James Powers, a junior at Hazel Green High School with a dream.

That dream is to go to prom with Taylor Swift, country music singer and writer, this year.  To accomplish his goal the young man grabbed his paper, pen, guitar, and went to the Internet.  He wrote a parody of Swift's hit song, "Our Song" and titled it "Our Prom"

Powers goes as far to let Swift know through music he will pay the $25 and he even has his tux.

He basically says "Our Prom would be so much more than any other prom that you've been to before.  We'll dance real fast and we'll dance real slow. And take pictures on my mama's cell phone."

We learned about Powers after some of his friends emailed us about his YouTube video.

When WAFF called Hazel Green High School, Powers was well known.  The woman we spoke with called him a talented young man who was easy to get along with and friendly.

James talked with WAFF 48 news and told us that what started out as a joke has become a local hit with his friends.

So how did it start?  James said all his friends were getting dates to proms, and he wanted to take the high school experience a little further by inviting a celebrity.

Our next step was to contact Taylor Swift's Public Relations team.  We learned after talking to a PR person that Taylor is traveling and will be performing on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship.  However, we expect to hear back from her people sometime in the next few days.

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