Four break-in suspects caught, may be linked to others

CAMDEN, SC (WIS) - Police took four people into custody after they said the individuals used a sledge hammer to break into a Camden business.

The suspects were identified as 17-year-old Austin Pownall, 19-year-old Brandon Pownall, 19-year-old Marquis Williams, and 22-year-old Makesha Williams.

Around 3:00am Thursday, authorities got a report of an alarm going off at the Reel Gun and Pawn on North Street. Officers said the suspects grabbed a shot gun from the store then took off. A police officer in the area heard the alarm, saw the car and tried to pull them over.

After a chase, the car's back tire eventually came off, causing the car to skid off the highway near the county line. Then the suspects tried to make a run for it, but deputies tracked them down in the woods.

Kershaw County Chief Deputy Marvin Brown said Austin gave the whole crew up in a confession, and as far as a motive, "I don't think they had anything else to do," said Chief Deputy Brown, "Just bored young kids."

Several agencies worked together to catch the suspects. All four are being held at the Kershaw County Detention Center. They were charged with burglary, with more charges to come. Authorities believe they may have been involved in a string of school burglaries in Kershaw County earlier this month.

Brian Napper is the owner of the latest burglary. "It's just real tough for a small business owner in today's economic times and then you have to worry about someone stealing and vandalizing your building," he said.

Napper said he's upset about the $300 worth of damage to his business, but, "I'm happy that the law got the criminals and they're in jail where they need to be," said Napper.

He said he plans to install security cameras outside his business along with additional lighting.

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