Forest Acres police looking for "flim-flam" scam artists

By Tim Pulliam - email

FOREST ACRES, SC (WIS) - Forest Acres police say a pair of scam artists are going around tricking area businesses out of their money.

"We work for a living and it comes hard, the money," said Lt. Bryant Hinson. "I don't think it's fair they come out there and take it."

Hinson says two men are targeting area shops in Forest Acres. The scam is called a flim-flam. The suspects buy items at the cash register, then distract the store clerk in to giving you all the money back. "This is something that's unique," said Hinson. "We haven't had this in quite some time."

Snapshots show one of them at the checkout at Garner's Natural Life Store. Police say he purchased a bottle of sanitizer, which costs roughly $7.

Police say he gives the clerk a 100 dollar bill, and confuses the clerk with small talk and speaking broken English while she rings up the purchase.

The clerk ends up giving the man his change from the purchase and the original $100 bill.

Authorities say another shot caught the second man doing the scam at a Rite Aid. They say the same man also went to McAlister's Deli, purchased two iced teas and swindled the clerk into giving him change and the original $100 bill back.

Police think you may know who the men are. If you know anything about the scam, call Crimestoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC.

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