SC looking to change 1802 anti-gambling law

ROCK HILL, SC (WBTV) - There are laws on the books in South Carolina that make it illegal to, yes, fire a missile without a permit. Also, railroad companies could be held liable if their train scares a person's horses. But there's one law where playing a child's board game could be illegal.

Lorane Johnson has three children who like to play games at home. "We play all the time we play Uno, Monopoly, spades, whatever is home family fun," said Johnson.

In 1802, an anti-gambling law in South Carolina says she may be breaking the law.

The two-centuries-old law says any game that uses dice and cards are considered games of chance, meaning a family game night of playing Monopoly with your kids could be considered illegal because the board game uses dice and cards.

So the South Carolina General Assembly wants to make the law a little less strict. On Tuesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee talked about the age old law to make kids games like Monopoly and Yatzee from being forbidden.

Johnson thinks that's a good idea. "I think it's stupid I think they need to drop it and let people have their fun, you know you're not hurting anybody," said Johnson.

The state-run Education Lottery is the only legal form of gambling.

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