New "sign" rocks astrological world

By Stephen Hooker - email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - If you're into astrology, you've probably heard about the big change. Not only have the dates of the Zodiac shifted, there's a new Zodiac sign.

It's a topic that has the astrological world in an uproar.

Many people find it fun to follow their Zodiac sign. "I'm a Pisces," said Colleen Kelly.

"Libra, I believe," stated Craig Newman.

But suddenly that's all changed. When you woke up Friday morning, you probably discovered that all the Zodiac signs had shifted one month. Was it really that fast? I mean we are referring to the alignment of the sun, constellations and all that other stuff in outer space. How long have we known about this coming change in the heavens? "It actually is very old news," explained Professor Kulkarni, "Astronomers have known about it for a long time."

Kulkarni indicated that tiny changes in the earth's wobbling rotation have added up over 2000 years. These changes now give us a different view of the heavens from when astrological charts were first drawn up.

Now if you subscribe to western astrology, your sign is still the same. But if you go for the eastern version, then you may be under a new sign. If that's not confusing enough, how about that new 13th sign? Ophiuchus is its name, and it has its own set of personality traits. But for now, just keep your eyes on the skies. The stars might just reveal it all.

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