For many students, Thursday is snow day number 4

Students and parents gathered at Plex Indoor Sports
Students and parents gathered at Plex Indoor Sports

By Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield - bio | email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Thursday will be the fourth day many students will get to spend at home because of this week's winter weather, and many parents are left with finding things for their kids to do to get them out of the house and out of their hair.

Some parents are shaking their heads saying, 'what am I gonna do with the kids tomorrow, and why did they cancel school again?' 

In the note Richland two sent out Wednesday, they admitted they were being extremely cautious in calling off school. Still, it makes for a whole lot of idle time. 

It may be a standard skate park crowd for a Friday night, but it's a Wednesday. "I'd normally be home sleeping or doing something else," said Alexis Wright of Kelly Middle School.

Not much about this week is normal. Because of streets iced over, most districts in the Midlands are on a four-day hiatus. "We haven't been to school not one time this whole week," said Lakyn Davidson Lugoff-Elgin Middle School.

After overcoming the disappointment, the girls have planned a mid-week slumber party. Eighth-grader Joshua Robinson used his time off to work on a skateboard trick. "Trying to get energy out, sweating and stuff feels good," said Robinson.

The workers at Plex Indoor Sports Arena say the younger crowd is not the only generation grateful for the 7am-10pm hours. "A lot of parents looking for places to send their children to get them out of the house," said Chuck Davis.

In fact, business is up 60 percent this week. "Snow can absolutely be good for business," said Davis.

But this is South Carolina, and next week the snow will be gone. The kids know their extended winter break will come to an end.

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