Parents/Kids stir crazy after third snow day

LEXINGTON, SC (WIS) - It's snow day number three for most kids in the Midlands, and while many are still excited to be out of school, the fun of a winter wonderland is starting to dwindle.

It's something not all too familiar, snow blanketing the ground. "I was so excited," said teen Brianna Benedict, "I got up so early the morning that it snowed, and the first thing I did was go outside and toss it in the air, playing with it."

Once the kids were done with the cold, there were always movies and board games inside. "As long as you can get outside a bit and have a lot of indoor fun and activities," explained parent Cristi Hood, "You've got to keep them busy."

And some moms got quite the surprise Wednesday morning. "We were sure school was going to be back on today," expressed Quin Johnson, "So we weren't prepared. Then the moms all got together and said we've got to get these kids out and running and moving."

Because after a couple days, the kids were starting to get a little restless. "Eventually you find that you've done everything you possibly can inside, and you're just like, what's next? What do we do now? There's nothing to do," said teen Maddie Hammond.

But some parents got a bright idea and took their kids to Monkey Joe's in Lexington to let loose, and they were bouncing off the walls. 11-year-old Wesley Benedict said he's been having a great time with his friends and family over the past three days. When asked if he's ready to go back to school, he exclaimed, "No!"

"Yes," stated Maddie, "We're ready to get back to the normal life.>

"I probably am a little bit too," claimed Johnson.

Nonetheless, others will miss seeing the smiles and hearing the laughter of their children. "I'm awful blessed to be able to spend extra time with my children," said Hood.

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