Ice makes driving -- and walking -- difficult

By Rochelle Dean - email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) — South Carolina's two days under a snow blanket brought joy to some, but headaches for people whose jobs depend on good weather and others who rely on home-delivered meals.

It's not just the roads that are slippery. Getting to and from your car is just as dangerous. While some roads are still slick, drivers are finding it a bit easier to get around. But if you're traveling on foot, watch for plenty of ice.

Hitting the street to take a stroll days after a storm is no walk in the park. Many who spent the day slipping and sliding your way along sidewalks around the area found that out the hard way.

"I just keeping hoping I won't fall," said Brenda Dunbar, describing difficult task when you're walking on sidewalks covered in snow and ice.

Jordan Lehr knows that pain all too well. He said he decided to walk to the store because he lives nearby, but admits the condition of the sidewalks has giving new meaning to the phrase "within walking distance."

"We were sliding on the way up here and we haven't fallen, thank God, but we have been slipping around a lot," said Lehr.

While we were able to find several businesses using de-icing agents on sidewalks and shoveling steps, we found just as many sidewalks that even hadn't been touched.

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