Defrosting too fast could leave you with a broken windshield

By Brandi Cummings - bio | email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - We've all gotten into the car, turned the defroster up to high and hoped the ice or snow on the windshield quickly melts. Doing that could actually cause your glass to break.

"The snow and ice normally brings in a lot of broken glass," said Fred Price of Ace Glass, who has taken many calls from people with broken windshields.

Price says the calls come because many people make a big mistake from the moment they sit in their cars. "The first thing they do is cut the defroster on high," said Price.

Price says the hot air hitting a cold windshield could cause a small break in the glass to get bigger. Take time to let the car warm up. "When you start the car, leave the defroster on low or take an ice scraper, take a plastic spatula from your kitchen and use that to clean the ice off," said Price.

According to Price, you can also create a mixture with things you probably have at home that can help clear the ice. "You can take one part of rubbing alcohol, one part of water, and one part of vinegar," he described. "Put it in a spray bottle and if you spray that on the windshield, you wait a few minutes and  the ice will just start sliding off."

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