Wednesday is another snow day for many Midlands students

LEXINGTON, SC (WIS) - It has stopped falling, but lingering snow and ice is still causing problems for many school districts throughout the state. Several districts have canceled classes on Wednesday.

Schools and offices in Lexington County School Districts One, Two and Three, Four Lexington-Richland District Five and Kershaw County School District will be closed on Wednesday, according to spokespeople for the various districts. Richland County Districts One and Two will also be closed.

"As always, the safety of our students, employees, and parents as they commute to and from school drives this decision," said Lexington Two spokeswoman Dannette Bickley. "Safety is our highest priority."

Lexington-Richland District Five spokesman Buddy Price said ice patches have kept his staff busy. "It's presented a difficult time for us," he said. "But we're doing the best we can."

Most main roads and highways are in pretty good shape, but school administrators say their concern lies in neighborhood roads that may still be frozen over.

Kershaw County Superintendent Frank Morgan said 60 percent of the roads in his county still have ice on them. "We have to consider the safety of buses that must travel on rural roads, particularly in the northern part of our county," said Morgan. "We're hoping with some sun tomorrow that they'll not only be melted, but start to dry out, which would be ideal."

All school districts have at least make-up three days built in to the calendar. Those days will likely be used for this winter storm. For now, Wednesday's plan is to make area's around Midlands schools safe and ready for students return.

"Hopefully, here in the next day, we'll be able to get back in to class," said Price.

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