Students grateful for second snow day

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The snow storm may be over, but it's still having an affect on many of us here in the area. Several schools and  businesses have been closed, allowing some people to stay home.

Many took heed of the warning from officials to stay at home, but those looking for something to do who did venture out found themselves out of luck.

"It's kind of a surprise having a snow day in South Carolina," said Alex Haag.

That snow day turned Columbia into a virtual ghost town. We didn't find much on the street other than sidewalks glossed over with ice, a mist in the air and every now and then an occasional passing car. But for the most part, the storm that blew through our area shut it down. A few USC students returning from break found that out the hard way.

"We tried to go to Moe's, that was closed," said Christopher Ward. "We even tried to go to Domino's and that was closed, and we are going down the list slowly striking them off as we go."

Many we did see decided to travel by foot instead of car. While it made the trip much colder, it also made it much safer. "It's better to be safe than sorry, and we can walk," said student Chase Missell. "It's not that far."

And while their stomachs may have been rumbling with hunger, there was a silver lining in the snowy cloud. "I came back thinking I was going to have to go to class so it's nice to come back and sleep, go to the gym and do nothing," said student Carter Goman.

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