Snow blankets Blythewood, Fairfield County

By Jack Kuenzie - bio | email

BLYTHEWOOD, SC (WIS) - What may have looked like Fargo on Monday morning was in fact southern Fairfield County.

Traffic on Interstate 77 a few miles northwest of Blythewood slowed to a crawl behind DOT plows and salt trucks working to clear the lanes.

At the Exxon station in Blythewood, John Hogue was about to head into the intensifying storm. He's a tree surgeon for a company that works with Fairfield Electric.

"[WIS meteorologist] Ben [Tanner] said it was going to turn into sleet and freezing rain," said Hogue. "We'll probably be on call all day and all night."

Inside the gas station, Eddy Johnston was serving up chicken and steak biscuits to the few customers venturing out during the blizzard. "I had asked one of my customers what the conditions were when I came in at four it wasn't much of a problem," said Johnston. "But since then I was busy getting everything ready by myself here and I had seen that it had become progressively worse."

Especially in the pre-dawn hours, visibility was simply awful. "You've got about, say about three to five feet in front of you," reported Leshan Jefferson, who was traveling south from his home in Fairfield County. "Don't use your high beams. You'll get that white wall. You get that reflected light coming off the snow. If you're going to work, just take your time. I mean if your boss came out and said you're going to be late, well sorry, I'm late. But I made it."  

But for at least the early part of Monday, most bosses, their employees and just about everybody else were staying put.

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