Snow makes some downtown Columbia roads impassable

Gervais Street and Harden Street
Gervais Street and Harden Street

By Brandi Cummings - bio | email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Monday morning's heavy snow made some roads in and around downtown Columbia impassable.

Department of Transportation crews were clearing the white stuff and leaving sand behind. "With this type of weather, there's no reason to take a chance on the roadways," said interim Columbia Police Chief Randy Scott.

Scott says officers set up barriers near some downtown streets that became too dangerous to drive on. "If we have roads that are passable, we are going to open them," said Scott. "If we have roads that are getting repeated forms of skidding or people can't pass and they're piling up, we are going to shut the roads down just or the safety of the citizens."

A good deal of snow still covers most streets in the metro area.  Vehicles are having a hard time getting any traction on some of the steeper streets.  Some trouble spots include, Gervais at Harden, I-126 at Elmwood and I-126 at Greystone.

"The conditions are bad, but they're only going to deteriorate from here," said Scott.

Despite the slush, we found several people braving the elements. "It was bad this morning, that time it was snowing," said Chris Smith works for a Brokerage Firm and had to work. "It was really bad, it was slick."

The winter weather wasn't enough to keep Dannette Pinckney in her Northeast Columbia home. "I lived in Denver," she said. "I've lived in Philadelphia, so I'm used to it. It doesn't bother me."

Meanwhile, her sister hit some ice patches on the road while driving, Her perspective is a little different, even though she lives in Philadelphia and is used to seeing snow. "It's scary," said Bernadette Pinckney. "It makes you cautious, drive slow and try to stay away from other people in case you do slide."

"If it is not absolutely an emergency to be out, I would not risk being out right now because the driving conditions are only going to get worse at this point," said Scott.

Officials are advising everyone to stay in, if at all possible, until the road conditions improve.

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