SC braces for a slick, wintry Monday

By Tim Pulliam - email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Nakia Romey is filling up his gas tank for the week, but with the winter storm headed this way, he's not taking any chances on the road.

Romey says once he gets home, he's staying parked. "Here in Columbia we don't get snow and ice on the regular so we don't know how to drive in it," claimed Romey, "We can barely drive in the rain."

This winter blast is expected to dump more snow and ice than the flurries that blew-in after Christmas. The South Carolina Highway Patrol said troopers will be out checking the roadways and alerting drivers of any problem areas. "People need to make sure they understand roadway conditions can change as they're traveling," stated Sergeant Kelley Hughes, "They may be driving on one roadway, conditions are fine, and turn on to the next and it could be a lot worse."

SCE&G is also getting prepared. 250 workers are on standby to respond to any power outages or downed lines. "We have a good plan in place and the people in place to respond to encounter whatever we may encounter here," said Eric Boomhower of SCE&G.

The checkout lines have been busy all day at area grocery stores. "Today we've been swamped," expressed Piggly Wiggly clerk Caroline Smarr, "I guess everyone is getting everything they need in case they get snowed in."

"So I've got everything to make vegetable soup with, in case our grandchildren come over and stay with us," said local resident Ann Duck.

Meanwhile at the gas station, Romey hopes other drivers will follow his lead. "If you don't have to go out, please stay in and just enjoy it."

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