Cut from will, report says John Edwards asks Charlotte woman to marry him

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A report has surfaced that John Edwards may be getting married to a woman who now lives in Charlotte – just as news of his wife's will leaks out.

Former NC Senator and Democratic presidential candidate, John Edwards has admitted that he had a child with a woman who now lives in Charlotte, Rielle Hunter, who was his campaign's videographer.

Edwards' wife, Elizabeth, died last month of cancer and her will information leaked to the public Wednesday. She updated it just six days before her death in December.

Elizabeth, who never divorced John Edwards, left her entire estate to be divided amongst her three children, effectively removing all mention of her husband.

Elizabeth named her daughter Catharine, 28, executor of the will.

Meanwhile, The National Enquirer, who first reported about Edwards' affair with Hunter, has reported that Edwards asked Hunter to marry him.

A Hollywood website has a screenshot of the upcoming issue of the Enquirer. That Hollywood website predicts that the two, who have a nearly 3-year-old daughter together, might get married this summer, if at all.

The Enquirer ran early stories about the Edward's affair, well before the story broke  in mainstream media, but it did have a story wrong last year in which they predicted the two would marry then.

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