Columbia neighborhood heads to court over 130 ft cell phone tower

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - A Columbia neighborhood that's fighting a cell tower company took its case to court Thursday.

The historic Trenholm-Buchanan Neighborhood Association wants a judge to overturn the City of Columbia's Zoning Board's decision to allow a 130 foot tall cell tower to go up.

The neighborhood said it wasn't notified by the city of public hearings concerning the cell tower and couldn't fight it. The cell company said it contacted all registered neighborhood associations around the tower site.

The neighborhood's attorneys claimed the zoning board made several mistakes in granting the tower's construction. "No offense to the city of Columbia," stated Plain tiff Attorney Melinda Lucka, "I understand sometimes mistakes happen, but this is a mistake and it's wrong. It's wrong for the board to have issued such an order."

"There was nothing done under the cover of night here by the city of Columbia," expressed City Attorney Peter Balthazor, "Everything was done according to the ordinances and the statutes."

A circuit court judge is working on a decision Thursday night. There's no word on when his decision will come down.

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