Double the Dixons: Top prospect brothers choose Gamecocks

Gerald Dixon (L) and Gerald Dixon
Gerald Dixon (L) and Gerald Dixon

ROCK HILL, SC (WIS) — South Carolina is getting a double dose of Gerald Dixon.

The sons of former Gamecocks and NFL standout Gerald Dixon — both named Gerald and both among the country's top high school defensive prospects — announced they will play for South Carolina.

The defensive linemen were cheered by family and friends who gathered at city hall in Rock Hill.

One brother plays for South Pointe High, while the other plays for Northwestern High. Their dad is an assistant coach at the city's third football power, Rock Hill High.

"I got a feeling a legacy is about to start," Gerald Sr. said. "When they have their kids they will probably be going there as well. I think them Dixons are going to keep rolling through there for a while."

The elder Dixon has been asked for years why his two sons share the same first name. He simply answers, "What better name is there?"

One other interesting note: USC defensive line coach Brad Lawing coached Gerald Sr. at South Carolina, and will now be able to coach the two brothers as well.

"(Lawing) coached me when I was there under Sparky Woods," Gerald Sr. said. "I know that he is going to be coaching them and I know his techniques and I know how he treats his kids. That is one of the reasons why I was kind of leaning towards wanting them to go there. I know how (Lawing) treats his kids and I think that is going to be a great situation for them down there."

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