Car maintenance tips to ease pain at the pump

Reported by Lindsay Curtin – bio | email

NEW HANOVER COUNTY,NC (WECT)- During the Christmas holiday, gas prices crossed the $3 mark for the first time since 2008. While many drivers focus on simple things, such as using their heater excessively, there are other major factors affecting gas mileage.

Black's Tires on Carolina Beach Road suggested to not ignore tires as they play a key role in improving gas mileage.

Ignoring tires can result in a two fold problem: poor tire pressure and wear-and-tear on often expensive tires.

Paying attention to car alignment is also key. An alignment problem is easy to diagnose and quick to get fixed.

Weather also plays a small role in tire pressure.

"When the temperature drops so does the air pressure in your tires," said Carl Brewer of Black's Tires.

Brewer suggests that drivers take it easy on the road and to lay off the lead-foot.  He says quick acceleration is a quick way to waste gas.

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