Keeping that New Year's resolution

By Stephen Hooker - email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - What is New Year's Eve without a funny hat and resolutions?

You probably have a New Year's resolution just like most people do. "Of course!" exclaimed South Carolinian Amber Picton.

"Sure, doesn't everyone?" questioned Janice Jeffcoat.

"Yes, I have," stated Dinky Warr.

The question then becomes will be able to keep it? "Of course!" exclaimed Picton, "Pretty close. Sometimes not quite, but I try."

"Not too good," admitted Victoria Boone.

"Probably going to be the same ones that I've been doing for the last five years," stated Warr.

So why is it so hard to keep these resolutions? "If you have no willpower, that's a problem in itself and a goal," said Picton.

Believe it or not, willpower is not part of keeping your resolution. Psychologists said willpower is not so much a failing personality trait as it's like a muscle. If you take on too many tasks, causing your body to become exhausted, then it most likely won't work out. "They work out well usually during the first month, maybe two," said Jeffcoat.

Then it becomes more difficult. "It never kind of happens the way you think it is," claimed Warr.

There are some ways to help you keep that resolution and help you get through those difficult times. "Make sure I keep realistic goals," expressed Picton.

"I make a little list, and I cross them off as I go along," said Warr.

Psychologists suggest making a plan, writing it down, and setting lots of short-term goals. Then reward yourself at each step. You also need to think of the things that can go wrong and have a plan for setbacks. "I'm actually going to try to stick to it," said Warr, "I'm going to try to focus on my future."

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