Looking to get in shape next year? Grocery store boot camp

By Hannah Horne - bio | email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The number one New Year's resolution is to lose weight.

Besides hitting the gym, your shopping habits might need a complete makeover. Kay MacInnis is a registered, licensed dietitian with Providence Hospital. She went to the Piggly Wiggly on Forest Drive for her popular grocery store tour and began with the produce section, which gives your body the fiber it needs. "I like to tell my clients to shop the perimeter," said MacInnis, "Keep it natural with lots of color that have antioxidants"

Processed lunch meats are not always the best choice. "Make sure you're doing lean protein in all meals, and it keeps you full feeling," explained MacInnis, "You don't run out of gas. You'll have three to four hours of energy for protein."

Besides those listed, other proteins include seafood. "About twice a week you need fish," she insisted, "Baked, broiled steamed, but not fried."

Even some dairy items, like low fat cheese and Greek yogurt, give the same delicious benefits. The dairy section can milk any diet, especially when it comes to all those choices for butter. "Anything solid at room temperature has saturated fat," said MacInnis, "The other items at the top of the shelves are typically good choices, especially if you have high cholesterol this can make a difference"

When you venture inside the store's perimeter, don't avoid the pasta section. There are healthy alternatives. "Make sure you do whole wheat pasta and look for the American Heart Association or Best Life emblems," MacInnis suggested.

She says if you follow these guidelines, they're sure signs you're on the right track to a healthy lifestyle and a more energetic 2011.

MacInnis is leading a class that begins in early February called "10 steps to 10 pounds." It's a weekly class held on Wednesday evenings at Providence Hospital.

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