Ice possible as temperatures drop below freezing Sunday night

By Jack Kuenzie - bio | email

WEST COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - While most roads across central South Carolina appeared to be snow-free, you'll still have to be careful Sunday night and into Monday morning.

The Department of Transportation is out looking for probable trouble spots on the roads. "We're going to get a hard freeze tonight," says Robert Dickinson with the South Carolina Department of Transportation, "It's going to get down around 20 degrees. So I expect some icy spots to form as some of this snow melts and the water stays on the road. So I do anticipate some black ice."

You've seen the signs that say "Bridge Ices Before Road." before, but in a climate that tends to generally be warmer, you probably haven't paid much attention. Nonetheless, temperatures will drop back into the lower 20's overnight Sunday. So bridges and overpasses could have plenty of slick spots.

DOT has spent several days preparing for the weekend snow storm. By noon Sunday, almost 6,000 tons of salt, 1,400 tons of sand, and 250,000 gallons of salt brine and calcium chloride had been spread on the roadways. Most of the demand appeared to be in the upstate and Pee Dee.

Meanwhile, Dickinson was keeping an eye on changing conditions in the Midlands. "We actually had the sun peeking out and freezing conditions," explains Dickinson, "So we've actually had some drying that started, that I didn't expect.

There have been a few reports of serious traffic accidents across the state but no fatalities. The closest fatality reported was near Charlotte

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