Most Midlands travelers make early plans to fly

By Brandi Cummings - bio | email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - While there were still some travelers at the Columbia Metropolitan Airport trying to get out town, most Midlands residents traveling by plane had already left town for the holidays.

Some of those trying to catch a plane had to play the waiting game. "I'm going from here to Charlotte, NC, and I lay over for about an hour," says Private Kenneth Austin, "Then from Charlotte I go to Orlando International"

That's where he'll be until next year. 21-year-old Private Austin didn't get to leave Fort Jackson with everyone else, but knowing snow may be headed this way while he heads south makes him happy. "I'm actually relieved because I don't like the cold," claims Private Austin.

Sunny Brantley from Springfield was at the airport for one special reason. "I'm here to greet my son who is coming in from Afghanistan," says Brantley.

He's an Army National Guardsman who left in July. "I didn't really want him to go, coming from a mother's heart," Brantley confesses, "He's over there serving his country, and he's putting his life on the line for us. I'm really proud of him."

She proudly wore her son's dog tags around her neck, waiting on his return, and it was an emotional moment when he finally did arrive. "I have truly, truly missed him," Brantley says, "I want him home to stay, but I'll take the two weeks."

So will Private Austin. "I'm excited for that."

If you still plan on taking a flight out of town, be sure to check the status of your flights by clicking here.

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