Santa makes surprise visit to WIS studio

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - It's a busy day for one special man in red, but he had a huge surprise for girls and boys in the Midlands Friday morning.

That's right, Santa Claus made a surprise visit on Sunrise and sat down to talk with WIS' own Hannah Horne. He says his reason for stopping is because area kids have been so good this year.

The big question on everyone's mind is if some snow will affect Santa's trip, but he says not to worry. He'll be able to fly above it.

Santa wanted to make sure everyone knew that all the reindeer are well-rested and ready to go. Because he has to deliver presents all over the world, and runs on a tight schedule, he's reminding kids to get to bed early Friday night.

You can watch Hannah Horne's complete interview with Santa, and if you'd like to keep track of Santa's journey across the world, click here.

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