Last-minute shopping leaves many husbands waiting

By Stephen Hooker - email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Shopping centers are sure to be packed up to Christmas Eve with last- minute shoppers.

While it may be a mad rush for some, others are taking their good ol' time. "I'm waiting for my wife," says shopper Jim Studley.

And he's not the only one. Ben Bietres has a similar story. "My wife is here shopping."

Some women were dragging their husbands along on the final shopping trip only to, "Hang out and wait," says Studley.

So just how long was the wait? "Ah, a half hour, probably," claims Bietres.

"No idea," Studley shares, "Whenever she shows up."

Brenda Menchen runs her gold shop from the mall's concourse, and she says she sees lots of husbands waiting. "A lot of them eat," says Menchen. "Sometimes they'll talk to the employees. People watch."

"It's pretty much the mall thing to do," expresses Studley.

Even after all that waiting, when the wives do show up, there's still some Christmas spirit to go around. "When their significant other walks up, they take their hand or they embrace," says Menchen. "They're happy to see the other spite of the wait. Because they're waiting for the person they care about."

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