Sanford issues last holiday message as governor

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - While many people are traveling to their special holiday destinations or doing some last-minute shopping, Governor Mark Sanford is sending out a special message:

"As we near Christmas Day, I wanted to wish every South Carolinian a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

The Christmas Season reminds us of the things that really matter – those things that, although we can't see or touch them, are the permanent things in life. Our faith in God, the pleasure we take in spending time with family, and the satisfaction of simply 'being there' for friends: these are the things that really matter in life, and Christmas reminds us of them in a powerful way.

It's also fitting that we remember the very real needs that exist across our state. We all have our own struggles and worries in life, but the Christmas Season teaches us the value of spending just a little time and energy to help a friend or a neighbor in need. South Carolinians have always done that naturally, and indeed it's that spirit of giving that makes our state a wonderful place to be during the Holiday Season.

Finally, given that this will be my eighth and last Christmas as our state's governor, I want to say again what a wonderful privilege it has been to work for the citizens of South Carolina. The grace and kindness I've been shown by the people of this state won't be forgotten – and I'd simply thank you again, not only for the trust you placed in me in me, but also for the warmth and generosity you've shown to me and my family."

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