Holiday vandals don't take away residents' Christmas spirit

By Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield - bio | email

CAMDEN, SC (WIS) - Crimestoppers is looking for holiday vandals who trashed yards and broken keepsakes. Camden police think vandals have been hitting yards and smashing Christmas decorations. Homeowners are asking who would do such a thing.

Even in the light of day you can tell people in the neighborhood are serious about lights. But when night falls on Belmont Drive, it may not be so bright as it was.

"Here's all the broken stuff than ran over in my yard," said Dion Everett.

Vandals smashed Everett's reindeer collection and his light-up presents sometime in the night. "He was bold enough to come up here, get through here and go back out and run over someone else's stuff down the road."

Known for the brightest display on the block, Barbara Piening says she's been decorating since she was a young woman in Brooklyn. Now she's passing it down to her grandson Cody. "It was a big disaster, but we did find some clues," said Cody.

Tire tracks show the vandal drove right through the middle, taking down candy canes and penguins en route.

But there are no broken Christmas spirits in the neighborhood. In fact, they've added a new exhibit called the car crossing." "We decided to make kind of light of it by putting a car crossing and we put red and green lights to lead a path to the exit," said Piening.

Despite the alterations, the lights will go on. But thanks to some strangers, they may be a bit dimmer. "Whether they just don't like Christmas or they wanted to have fun, I wish them a Merry Christmas," said Piening.

Camden police say when arrested, the vandals could face up to $100 in fines.

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