Plenty of holiday volunteer opportunities available

By Taylor Kearns - bio | email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Christmas is the season of giving, and there are several organizations looking for a few helping hands during the holidays. From young to old, there's a way everyone can help -- whether you're looking to donate money or your time.

You can start by hooking up with the Salvation Army, which is how Cheryl O'Bradobich is spending her Monday night. "It makes you feel great inside," said O'Bradobich. "A lot of times if you had a tough day, you come and do this, it starts to ease your worry."

A small task Cheryl didn't know could be so soothing. This is her first time volunteering for the Salvation Army, which collects money to help people in need.

Seth Taylor runs the bell-ringing program. He says they're looking for helpers through Christmas eve. "It's just a great opportunity for moms and dads and kids to be outside interacting with people in the community, say merry Christmas and help the Salvation Army raise some money," he said.

If you don't want to ring the bell, serve a plate.

The salvation army hands food to the homeless seven days a week at Ebenezer Lutheran Church in downtown Columbia. Children under the age 14 are not allowed in the kitchen, but they can greet guests.

Pastor Jonathan Wagner volunteers regularly in the kitchen, and would like to see more people get involved. "To serve each other and to serve with each other is just extremely important," said Wagner.

For Jonathan, it's about doing a good deed without giving a dime, just spending extra time this Christmas helping others. Cheryl feels she's doing that with each ring.

"Terrific," she said. "God has been good to me and life has. It feels good to give back and it's a really easy way to do it."

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