Cemetery visit turns into graveside gunfight for Kershaw Co. couple

By Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield - bio | email

ANTIOCH, SC (WIS) - A moment of quiet reflection turned to violence for a couple in Kershaw County. While visiting a grave, they came face to face with a man armed with a gun.

"The man came out of the woods, said 'get on the ground or I'll kill you,'" recounted the 81-year-old victim, hiding his face from our camera because he is scared. 

The Kershaw County man and his wife were spending the day at the country cemetery, which they do several times a year. "Putting flowers on my mother's grave and my aunt's grave," he said.
He may have been surprised, but he was also prepared. "I took my gun out of my pocket," said the man. "When I did, he started firing a couple of shots." 

"Of course, I fired at him," the man continues. "He didn't make no more advances after he realized that."

Perhaps the most surprising thing about the crime is where it happened -- in quiet Antioch, about 10 miles outside Camden.

Three men are under arrest for what happened at the graveside. And although the man in the middle says he's not ready to show his face, he says he will show up again. "Surely, I'll always put flowers out there as long as I'm able," he said.

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