"The Sing Off," "Glee" reviving kids' interest in singing

NBC's "The Sing Off"
NBC's "The Sing Off"

By Jillian Capobianco - bio | email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - "The Sing Off" crowns a winner Monday night on NBC. In a season where we often get too much of a good thing, The Sing Off provided viewers with an a cappella overload.

What was supposed to be a three-team finale turned into four. The winning team gets $100,000 and a Sony record contract.

Monday night's finale will feature several guest performers including Neil Diamond, Sheryl Crow and Sara Bareilles. It's been an exciting time for the contestants, but all the rehearsals are exhausting.

But shows like The Sing Off and "Glee" are making a bigger impact than just ratings. They are changing the sound of high school choirs.

You're used to hearing music like Britney Spears on television, but you probably never thought you would hear it here in a high school chorus class room.

But thanks to TV shows revolved around choral groups like Glee and The Sing Off, high school choirs have found a new groove.

Even A.C. Flora music director Dr. Rhoda Paschal admits she never thought her kids would be singing a Jordin Sparks song, but performing pop hits seems to be paying off.

Dr. Paschal says chorus attendance has increased by 50% since the shows began. "Glee and Sing Off have given a new interest to students in pursuing higher musical skills," said Paschal.

More singers and updated music is making for packed house performances. "It was cool before, but it's become something that other people see as cool," said Paschal.

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