Teen who needed blood after car wreck wants to give back

By Stephen Hooker - email

IRMO, SC (WIS) - As Christmas Eve approaches quickly, the Red Cross hopes your holiday spirit includes donating blood.

A blood drive will be held in honor of an Irmo teen who almost died in a traffic accident. Now the teen wants people to give blood to others as they once did for him.

His accident didn't appear to be survivable, but 17-year-old Scott Browder did. He just can't tell you about it. Browder only remembers waking up two months later. "Why am I in a wheelchair? I mean, I enjoy the being pushed around part, but what's going on? Then it was, 'I wreaked my car?' Like what's up with that?" says Browder.

His survival depended on several complex operations and a lot of blood transfusions. It was blood that came from loved ones and strangers. "That people actually go out and get needles put in them for me, I mean, who does that -- unless you love them. I'm eternally grateful," says Browder.

He's so grateful that he's sponsoring a blood drive. It's a blood drive to help others and to say thank you.

Browder's grandmother says she's seen a change in him. "He has realized that life is not just all about yourself," says Margaret Hoover, "It's about giving to other people and helping other people."

Browder and East Lake Community Church are sponsoring a blood drive through the Red Cross, and they're doing it during a giving time of the year -- Christmas Eve.

His friend Pastor Barry Russell expects a turnout equal to the one that saved Scott's life. "To see students do it, moms do it, see dads, and everybody take off work or take out of their day. What they were doing for Scott's case, they had very short notice," says Russell.

"You can save up to three lives with just sitting down for 15 minutes giving blood," says Browder.

The Red Cross will have two blood mobiles at the East Lake Community Church off Broad River Road in Irmo on Christmas Eve between 8:00am and 1:00pm.

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