Soldiers treated with trip home for the holidays

By Stephen Hooker - email

FORT JACKSON, SC (WIS) - It's the kind of excitement South Carolina's bravest enjoy, being with their loved ones for the holidays.

Hundreds of soldiers were flooding the airport -- all ready to head home. It's a nice break halfway through basic.

Private Serra Stehlic's army husband of one year encouraged her to join up. "He says he's really proud of me and can't wait to see me!" exclaims Private Stehlic.

Home for her is all the way in North Dakota. "Last I heard it was negative 20," says Private Stehlic, "So it should be very, very cold."

It's a cold welcome for her but a warmer one for Sergeant John Castro. Home for him is in Florida. He says he plans to be on the beach on Christmas Day

While Sergeant Castro and Private Stehlic have been away from home less than six weeks, Sergeant Lantigua's Christmas homecoming will be extra special. "I haven't been home for Christmas for like three years now," says Sergeant Lantigua.

The troops will be home on leave for 18 days.

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