Plans to charge teens in rape case as adults

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The Solicitor's Office says it plans to charge two teens, who allegedly raped an 80-year-old woman, as adults.

There are crime watch signs scattered throughout the Trenholm Acres Subdivision. But the signs offer little comfort to some of the residents who say they are still in shock over the robbery and sexual assault of an elderly woman in her own home.

"I'm scared sometimes in my own neighborhood," says one neighbor.

It's the same sentiment echoed by several of the residents who live nearby. Many of them are afraid to speak out, fearing they may become a target themselves. "More and more young people are getting out at night and making this neighborhood unsafe. You can't even go out and enjoy your own yard -- sit and just enjoy it because they are walking by, watching what you are doing."

It's what deputies believe the two teen suspects were doing just hours before the incident. "They do not have respect anymore for whoever. Whether it's an old woman or a young woman, they lost respect for other people."

While the 80-year-old victim recovers, the 14 and 15-year-old suspects sit behind bars at the Department of Juvenile Justice. They could remain there for several months while the Solicitor's Office pursues charging them as adults.

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