Man accused of murder sits on his own grand jury

Brian Gale (Source: WTOC)
Brian Gale (Source: WTOC)

MCINTOSH CO, GA (WTOC) - There's no other way to describe other than a complete fluke. A man accused of murder sitting on the grand jury charged with the task of deciding whether to indict himself.

The district attorney's office said it surprised them. Brian Gale, who is charged with murdering his stepson was actually sitting on his own grand jury.

When prosecutors learned about it they threw the case out, which means the case won't go before a grand jury again until around May of next year. The grand jury in McIntosh County only convenes twice a year.

Gale is charged with child cruelty and murder for the death of 15-year-old Daniel Gale. The two had gone looking for hunting spots together, and somehow got separated. Brian Gale made it out alive, but Daniel didn't. Police say Daniel died from hypothermia and drowning.

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