Perspective - Haley's School Picks

Making the transition into the governor's mansion has many dimensions, but if the newly elected governor has school-aged children, as Ms. Haley does, one of the biggest personal decisions involves where they will attend school once they've moved into the mansion.

In Nikki Haley's case, her children aged 12 and 9 have attended Lexington 1 schools since kindergarten, and Haley says she plans to keep her children in those schools

rather than enroll them in Richland 1 schools, which the governor's mansion is zoned for.

Both of the schools Haley's youngsters attend are rated by recent state report cards as excellent, while the schools they would be zoned for in the Richland 1 school district are rated below average.    While I understand the desire not to disrupt a child's educational experience and friendships, I also feel it would send a strong signal for Haley's children to transfer to Richland 1 classrooms and get the governor focused on the improvement and success of those schools.

Three of the past five governors' children attended public schools.  But, in the end, it is the Haleys' decision, as parents, where theirs will attend.  Quality education in this state is critical and, whatever school choice she makes, I hope Ms. Haley will make it a priority to examine some of the challenges in under-performing school systems throughout this state.

That's my perspective, what's yours?