COPY-Attorney files motion for release of remaining search warrants in Zahra case

NEWTON, NC (WBTV) - An attorney has filed a motion to have 30 search warrants in the Zahra Baker death investigation to be released to the public.

Baker is the 10-year-old girl whose remains were found scattered in two locations in Caldwell County in recent weeks.  Officials said her body had been dismembered.

On November 30th, 13 search warrants were unsealed.   However, on December 10th, the court "resealed" two of the 13 search warrants that were released.  

For now, there are currently 11 unsealed search warrants which have been made available to the public.

One of the warrants included 121-pages which revealed some of the most disturbing and gruesome details in this case.  The warrant provided information about Zahra's bones, blood and bodily liquids that could be found in the drains of the Baker home.  Read the warrants: Group 1 | Group 2 | Group 3 | Group 4  (NOTE: Large pdf files)

On Monday, December 13th, Attorney Amanda Martin filed a civil motion to have the remaining 30 search warrants unsealed.

For now, its appears there may be a hearing on January 3rd to discuss Martin's motion requesting the release of the remaining warrants.

Some of the warrants reportedly contain information about Elisa Baker's medical history as well as information on a website where she and Adam Baker met online.

District Attorney James Gaither wanted these warrants to remain sealed and he filed a motion with the court last week to keep the paperwork private.

Elisa Baker is charged with obstruction of justice after she admitted to writing a fake ransom note the day her stepdaughter, Zahra Baker, was reported missing.

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