SC State University President has no comment on internal audit

By Jody Barr - bio | email

ORANGEBURG, SC (WIS) - What did South Carolina State University do with more than $30 million to build the James Clyburn Transportation Center?

The university's president, Dr. George Cooper, was supposed to give the university's board an update on an internal audit Friday, but that didn't happen.

SC State University is under state and federal investigation after the school couldn't answer where millions of tax dollars, set aside to build the James Clyburn Transportation Center, went. Board members questioned Cooper about media reports surrounding the missing money. "There have been a lot of question," says Chairman Jonathan Pinson.

"Seems like we've been getting a whoopin' about that Transportation Center," says Vice Chairman Dr. John H. Corbitt, "Every time you look around, there's somebody complaining about the Clyburn Transportation Center."

Cooper was supposed to update the board about an internal audit in September. "We have the LAC audit and the Inspector General auditing going on the Transportation Center, and as I reported in previous meetings, until these audits are complete and the results turned over to us, I have no public comments to make," says Cooper.

State auditors opened an investigation in August, then came the feds. Auditors are searching through 12 years of financial records at the university, trying to figure out exactly how the university spent more than $30 million.

As for an estimate on how long that could take, Cooper wouldn't say.

A SLED spokeswoman says there is no new information on the Clyburn Center investigation. SC State's board will meet again in January.

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