Ft. Jackson battalion helps organize Families Helping Families gifts

By Stephen Hooker - email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - What does it take to move a load of gifts for 149 families? How about one big truck, and a crack team from the 187th Ordinance Battalion at Fort Jackson.

"To see it, it's amazing for what the kids did," said SSgt Gerald Ford. "Everybody contributing like they're doing, it was great!"

Early in the morning at Richland Northeast High School, the gifts poured in. "This is our present to you saying merry Christmas, happy holidays," said student Jonathan Franklin.

"I'm new to South Carolina, and I've never seen nothing like this before," said SSgt Martin Russell. "So it's impressing me. So it's pretty cool."

The Families Helping Families volunteers organized the warehouse so the soldiers knew where each family and each child's gift rests until it the intended family comes to pick up them up.

"We keep going and going," said Ford. "We keep moving and moving."

Hundreds more gifts for hundreds more families will fill this space in the next few days. If you adopted a family, take your gifts to this warehouse now. Next week, the adopted families come to gather their joy.

"It's pretty awesome," said Russell.

Then the warehouse will stand empty until this time next year.

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