Social gambling up for debate again in SC

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - Some South Carolina legislators say
they'll try again to legalize games of poker between friends and
church raffle tickets.
      Efforts to modernize South Carolina's centuries-old gambling
laws have repeatedly died since 2007. That's when a raid on a Mount
Pleasant home led to the arrest of 22 poker-players, including a
79-year-old woman.
      Proponents argued tweaking the law was common sense, opponents
feared any change could lead to outright gambling.
      A South Carolina law on the books since 1802 makes illegal any
game with cards or dice, which could include common family games
like Monopoly and popular social games like Bunko. Some courts have
interpreted the law to criminalize games of chance, not skill.
      Senate President Pro Tem Glenn McConnell plans to introduce a
bill to define when a poker game is legal.
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