Coaches face off for SEC Championship

ATLANTA, GA (WIS) - Both teams are coming into this game with a lot of momentum.

The University of South Carolina's coach Steve Spurrier says he was feeling good about his team's three-game winning streak until he checked out Auburn's 12-game winning streak. However, with this match-up, you have the veteran Steve Spurrier against Auburn's coach Gene Chizik, who is making his rookie debut at the SEC Championship game.

"It was new for our players to go to Florida. It was new for them to beat Alabama. It was new to beat Clemson again. So, we've done some different things that didn't happen in a long time around there," says Coach Spurrier.

Now Coach Chizik says he can't get caught up in the hype of a coaching dual against the head ball coach.

"It's not a personal challenge. First of all, I have a great, great deal of respect for Coach Spurrier and everything he's done in his career. It's incredible that you can come play in this game at two different schools. His record speaks for itself, and again, I've always admired what Steve's done," says Coach Chizik.

The SEC Championship game is slated to start at 4:00pm Saturday.

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