US Airways flight gets sick after "fog" appears in plane cabin

By Molly Grantham - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – Monday night, a U.S. Airways spokeswoman confirmed something, which made people sick, got in the air of one of its aircraft Saturday morning.

On Saturday, U.S. Airways flight 1131 left from Charlotte headed to Barbados.  (The flight was 1131, but it was aircraft #722.)  Before leaving, a fog appeared in the cabin where the Charlotte-based flight crew was preparing for take-off.

The flight crew was exposed to the fog and breathed it in.  Some members of the crew were then removed from the plane because they got so sick. 

A U.S. Airways representative says soon after that crew was removed, the flight was deemed okay to fly.

"We take safety very seriously," says Michelle Mohr.  Mohr says upon investigation, they found it to be a ground power issue -- not an aircraft problem.  She says the team disconnected the ground power to the aircraft and got everything checked out.

A new crew was found to replace the sick members.

Monday night, sources say members of that second crew have also been sick and gone to seek medical help for, quote, "breathing in chemical fumes."  No passengers reported being ill.

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