About BlueStream/FAQ

BlueStream is a tiny Windows Based Control (only 57k in total size) that gives you powerful new capabilities to see and hear Web personalities online. It is free to you and once you install BlueStream you can view BlueStream enabled content anytime.

Two Important BlueStream User Features

  • Click on MOUSE-CLICK-ENABLED BlueStream Personalities to find out more.
  • Use your RIGHT-CLICK button to Stop, Pause, Play, Rewind or Close.


  • BlueStream content is delivered in Macromedia’s Flash 6 format for Microsoft Internet Explorer to allow the videos to play on the broadest array of desktops.

Supported Operating Systems include:

  • Windows 95 (may require an update file from Microsoft)
  • Windows NT 4.0
  • Windows 98
  • Windows 2000 (all variations)
  • Windows XP

Supported Browsers:

  • IE 5.0 (all versions)
  • IE 6.0 (all versions)
  • AOL 7 & 8
  • We are currently developing BlueStream for Mac Operating Systems 9 & 10 and Netscape Browser (Fall 2003 Release)

Bandwidth & Your Internet Connection

  • BlueStream content can be viewed over a dial-up modem, cable or DSL connection or high bandwidth T-1. Our Auto bandwidth detection feature makes sure you see the best content for your individual connection speed.

How Does BlueStream Work?

  • Similar to the television techniques used to superimpose your local Weather forecaster in front of the weather map, and the “BlueScreen” process used in feature films, BlueStream now delivers that same capability on the Web.

Is My Information Being Recorded?

  • Other than traditional Web site traffic information managed by this Web site (see Privacy Policy) Rovion does not record or track any data on any user of BlueStream at any time. The only data we have access to and track is the total number of BlueStream enabled users that exist, since the control itself is downloaded from our site. The BlueStream control itself, neither captures, retains or broadcasts any user information at any time.