6 SC students arrested, accused of gang 'beat out'

Sessoms, Weaver and Tiffany Jones
Sessoms, Weaver and Tiffany Jones
Ashley Jones, Washington, and Scott
Ashley Jones, Washington, and Scott

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Six students of a North Charleston high school were arrested and charged as a result of a Nov. 12 gang "beat out," officials said Tuesday.

According to North Charleston Police Information Officer Spencer Pryor, seven students left a school campus headed to an Arthur Hills Lane residence where they conducted a "beat out" on a female victim Monday afternoon.

According to the police report, when the victim was hanging out with four of the suspects, she learned that the leader thought "she had been screwing up and that [the leader] wanted blood from the victim."

The victim told police she then decided she wanted out of the gang, Pryor said. The victim was told the only way to leave the gang was to be beat out of it.

She said she tried to avoid the gang members all day, but the gang members caught up with her off the school's campus and forced her into a 31-second fight with another member.

Completing that trial, the victim was then told she had to take a beating by five of the gang members for 31 minutes. One of the members handed out sticks the others would use in the beating.

Ten minutes into the beating, the gang members stopped to rest, the report stated.

One of the suspects recorded the entire beating with a cell phone to put it on Facebook, the victim told police. She was then told the gang's moniker -- Dog Paw -- had to be removed, so they used a lighter to heat a metal spoon so they could burn the paw off the victim's skin.

The suspects then returned to school and the victim sought medical treatment from the sports medicine staff at the school. She was ultimately taken to Nason Medical Center.

According to the police report, the victim joined the gang on Oct. 15 and endured a similar beating ritual to become a member.

The suspects were identified, taken into custody and housed at the Dorchester County Detention Center. The seventh suspect, a juvenile and leader of the group according to the police report, was not caught, but a pick-up order has been placed, Pryor said.

The suspects are Tevin Andrew Sessoms, Charlice Alexis Washington, Ashley Jones, Tiffany Jones, Shawnteal Victoria Weaver, and August Joseph Scott. All were charged with use of physical violence by a gang member.

Authorities say Scott served as the "timekeeper" for the organized beating.

Weaver  was also charged with bringing a knife on school grounds, an incident that happened Monday.

According to jail records, Sessoms did not have a bond set. Weaver's bond was set at $75,000 for the gang beating and $25,000 for the knife incident. The bonds for Washington, Tiffany and Ashley Jones were set at $150,000 for two charges each of gang violence. Scott's bond was set at $75,000.

All of the students attended Fort Dorchester High School.

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