Best Builders

Best Builders
Ted Fucci
Ted Fucci, Founder of Best
Builders, has over 15 years of
experience in the remodeling industry.
Bill Rousseau
Bill Rousseau, General Manager of
Best Builders, has over 12 years of experience in the remodeling industry.

Together they have over 25 years of expertise in the remodeling industry.
Best Builders is a Company That Cares!

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Quality Service
Best Builders has provided quality service to home owners in Columbia area since 1998. We offer quality products offered by very reputable vendors. Our service is backed by our personal guarantee.

Who's got you covered? That is a question you may not ask until you have a leak.
Best Builders offers quality roofing products, installed by a staff of knowledgeable craftsmen. Our roofing products and installation are backed by 25 and 30 year warranties.

Vinyl Windows
Windows are one of the most important decisions in home improvement projects. Best Builders offers quality AccuWeld Windows.
Vinyl Siding
Carefree vinyl siding means no more painting! Best Builders uses Alcoa and Heartland vinyl products to ensure quality and carefree lifetime beauty.