Survive And Thrive: It's no longer just "Black Friday," it's "Black November"

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - You've probably been through the mayhem that is "Black Friday." If you have, you know it's not for the faint of heart. This year, you may not have to set your alarm for the crack of dawn to get the deeply discounted deals.

Marianne Bickle at USC's Center for Retail says "Black Friday" has turned into "Black November."

"It's like get out your running shoes, get the pads on your elbows and the person with the most purchases in the least amount of time, wins. Black November is designed to really help consumers get their purchasing done without being as harried, so both sides win."

That's right, Bickle is calling this phenomenon "Black November." She says retailers have extended their discounts for the entire month of November.

"What they're really hoping is that consumers will get into the store and start purchasing non-gift items, to start seeing things for themselves," Bickle explains.

She says store's inventories will be down come November 26th, meaning you won't necessarily get the best deals on "Black Friday."

Bickle suggests shopping before or on "Black Friday," but whatever you do, don't wait. "I can tell you this: if you're shopping in December, you're placing money on the table that you don't necessarily have to."

She also says if you're shopping before "Black Friday," before you go to the store, go to their web site.  She says many of the stores have online coupons.

If you are braving "Black Friday" crowds, be prepared.  Bickle suggests you clip the coupons in the paper and have a well-thought out plan to make sure you get what you want and don't overspend.

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