USC fans desperate for sold-out SEC Championship tickets

Fans wait in line to buy tickets
Fans wait in line to buy tickets
Fans wait in line to buy tickets
Fans wait in line to buy tickets

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COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Tickets for next month's SEC Championship showdown between the Gamecocks and the Auburn Tigers are getting hard to find. USC's allotment is sold out, and while some students might be able to score tickets this week, other fans who want a seat in the Georgia Dome might have to turn to resellers.

Carolina is playing for the championship after crushing the Florida Gators and winning the SEC East title on Saturday. That performance has fans scrambling to find a way to witness more USC football history firsthand in Atlanta.

All Monday, people phoned in and lined up at the windows at Colonial Life Arena, trying along with thousands of others in Gamecock Nation to get a chance to watch Carolina's first attempt to win the SEC Championship.

Fans were brimming with optimism. "It's electric right now around campus," said Gary Morrison. "As a student, you know I've been here now for six, seven years from undergraduate to graduate school. And there hasn't been quite as much excitement and belief in the Gamecocks that we can get it done this year."

Longtime Gamecock Club members with higher levels of giving could buy as many as eight seats for the December 4 game at the Georgia Dome. USC's allotment of 15,900 seats was gone in a matter of hours.

If you want to attend the December 4 game in Atlanta, your best bet now will be a third-party provider such as EBay or StubHub. Tickets are selling as high as $6,500 for four seats on EBay.

"Very excited, very hopeful," said Joan Barber. "There's been lots of calls for tickets, people wanting to go the game. We made our hotel reservations coming back from Florida.

As for Carolina's re-match against the Auburn Tigers? "Oh, we're going to beat them this time," said Marrian Goodwin. "They're ready for them. They're ready for them this time I believe."

Eric Parsons is desperate for tickets. "I would give up my minimum wage job to go to this game," he said.

We found others in five points who also would do anything to see the Gamecocks play in Atlanta. "I'd probably give up my right arm," said Thomas Davidson. "I'd give a leg, but if I go, I'd want to stand and scream the whole time."

"I'd be willing to give up a Klondike bar, 'cause anybody would be willing to do anything for a Klondike bar," said Carl Sullivan.

A woman on Craigslist is offering a few nights at her beach house in the Bahamas.

Susan Rogers is a big fan who met quarterback Steven Garcia after the Gamecocks beat Alabama. We asked her how much she'd be willing to pay people hustling tickets on eBay. "Maybe $50 dollars a ticket," said Rogers, who bumped her bid up to $100 when told the guess was a little low.

Try $500, which is how much one ticket is selling for. "Wouldn't be worth it to me," commented Alexis Schwallier.

It's a lot a money that fans like parson would be willing to spend, if he could afford it. "I love the Gamecocks," said Parsons. "That's basically all I know."

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