Marine Corps celebrates 235th birthday with gigantic cake

By Stephen Hooker - email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The United State Marine Corps celebrates its birthday this week. They'll hold a real birthday party Saturday night at a ball in Columbia, and one of the key parts of the ceremony is the birthday cake.  

Tina Bernier put extra touches on the unique cake. Two days and 235 years ago, the Marine Corps was founded -- November 10, 1775, to be exact. On Saturday night, 600 Marines and guests will celebrate the Marine Corps' birthday. The convention center is big enough for everybody, but and must be the cake.

Tina was given a free hand in its design. So before she started work, she learned the ceremony surrounding the cake. It had to be functional for its ceremonial purpose, artistic in its presentation, and very, very tasty.

"You give somebody a piece of yourself when you let a piece of your artwork walk out the door," said Bernier.

Tina is obviously an artist, and the Marines and their guests will most certainly appreciate Tina's culinary skills.

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