Has airport security gone too far?

NATIONWIDE (NBC) - From revealing body scans to hands-on pat downs, passengers and even some pilots say airport security has gone too far.

One man has started a web site calling for a national opt-out day, when passengers reject body scanners and demand hands-on screening.

He just so happened to pick Wednesday, November 24.  That's the day before Thanksgiving- one of the busiest travel weekends of the year.

Travel writers and analysts are concerned the protest could cause major delays.

But some passengers say enough is enough.

An unidentified woman said, "It's embarrassing to stand in front of all those people. It's like getting groped."

Some pilots are objecting to the humiliation, and the radiation.

In fact, the Allied Pilots Association is calling on its members to decline the enhanced body scanners.  They're suggesting people request a pat-down in private.

"It's the cumulative affect of all this radiation we're taking in," First Officer Scott Shanklan said.  "We're saying you know what? We're not going to participate in this."

TSA released a statement saying the new security procedures are necessary: "We are frequently reminded that our enemy is creative and willing to go to great lengths to evade detection.  TSA utilizes the latest intelligence to inform the deployment of new technology and procedures in order to stay ahead of evolving threats."

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